E.K.K.O is a platform where artists meet. With a starting point in physical expression E.K.K.O creates performances and projects in a cross over of artistic generes, both nationally and internationally.

E.K.K.O was founded in 2004 as a collaboration between the three choreographers Emma Nordanfors, Klara Elenius og Karina Dichov Lund.

The website is divided into three main sections. One section represents 
E.K.K.O, and the other two represents the current functioning artistic directors Emma Nordanfors and Karina Dichov Lund and their individual work.

For more info about E.K.K.O's past projects go to: PROJECTS



We have no current performances. Information about our future work will be available here when relevant.

P For PerceptionLysdesignScenografi
Photo: Faphael Frisenvænge Solholm from the performance P For PERCEPTION