The choreography collective E.K.K.O consists of the three dancers/choreographers Emma Nordanfors, Klara Elenius and Karina Dichov Lund. We were each educated at the National School for Modern Dance in Denmark and received degrees in 2002. Since then we have been working professionally with dance and theatre in Denmark and abroad, both individually and collectively, as E.K.K.O.

In 2014 Klara Elenius decided to leave the collective. So at the present moment E.K.K.O consists of the choreographers Emma Nordanfors and Karina Dichov Lund in collaboration with different artists.

As a group we work at the intersection of dance and performing arts and incorporate other art forms and artists into or around our pieces.  E.K.K.O is a forum where new working methods are tested and a platform where individual artists meet to try to expand creative processes, a place to experiment and push movement ideas in new directions.

The work of E.K.K.O co-exists with the artists individual work.

E.K.K.O = Emma Klara Karina Output