We make choices every single day. Big and small. From the milk we drink to whom we live with. Some choices we regret. Others we may  not even know we made.

Have we replaced the solid traditions and clear political or religious affiliation with the idea of endless individual choice? And do we have choices that is actually free? The questions are many when it come to the matter of choice....
100 people 4-93 years, told us about a choice in their life. The essence of their stories become part of a collage that chased the ways and form of choice.
Concept and idea: Choreographer Collective E.K.K.O
Starring: Jakob Haahr Andersen, Andrea yours, Benjamin Boe Rasmussen, Jannie Faurschou, Piet Kragh Gitz-Johansen
Staging: Adelaide Bentzon, Karina Dichov Lund
Set and lighting design: Raphael Frisenvænge Solholm
Sound design: Rasmus Kreiner
A HUNDERED CHOICES premiered and played in Warehouse9 in Copenhagen in June 2015.


In the months leading up to the performance the project hosted a series of evenings in various locations in Copenhagen. The aim was to  shed light on " The Choice" from different angles and perspectives.
CHOOCING A NEUROSIS hosted by writer Kristina Stoltz in conversation with journalist Tine Byrckel.
ACCUSED OF THE UNBORN hosted by Theologian Sylvester Roepstorff
CHOICE AND EDUCATION hosted by documentary film director Mikala Krogh in conversation with Arne Bro - architect
behind the Docu-film program at the Danish Film School.
CHOICE & FREE WILL hosted by Priest Nikolai Halvorsen in conversation with biology and science theorist Claus
BODY & CHOICE hosted by Choreographers Karina Dichov Lund & Adelaide Bentzon, an alternative canal tour.

was supported by the Arts Council and the City of Copenhagen's Performing Arts Committee.