HUMAN GLACIER was part of the WATERWAYS project. WATERWAYS was an international collaboration fusing creative methods of science, architecture, media, music and movement. This collaborative research culminated in a series of public actions surrounding the theme of water.

A Saturday in October, at The Drop in Chelsea, W25th St at 10th & 11th Ave, WATERWAYS collaborated with artist Paul D. Miller as part of the exhibition 2012:  Art, The City, and the Environment.

HUMAN GLAICER was melting, to the sounds of Paul D. Miller.

HUMAN GLACIER was preformed by:
Rebecca Bone, Frida Danell, Klara Elenius, Irene Hsi, Ea V. Jacobsen, Karina Dichov Lund, Johanne Moritz, Emma Nordanfors, Madeleine Söderberg, Carmela Torchia and Maria Vestermark.

For more detailed information about the work of WATERWAYS you can check out the WATERWAYS blog.

More information about the event is at Yoko Ono’s website imaginepeace.

WATERWAYS was under the umbrella of an iLAB residency, and further supported and funded by iLAND (= Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art, Nature and Dance), The Danish Arts Council and The Danish Actors Association.