News For Use @ EKKO
Photo: Raphael Frisenvænge Solholm

NEWS FOR USE was a one-week intensive process at Dansehallerne in Copenhagen E.K.K.O invited six creative forces from various disciplines to choose a current topic from the news and transforms it into an artistic format, which was showed to an audience by the end of the week. The project took place in May 2012 with performances on May 5th and May 26th.

NEWS FOR USE vol.1 was dramaturge Elin Grinaker, journalist Thomas Roger Henrichsen, light designer Raphael Solholm, set-designer Mie Riis, choreographer Karina Dichov Lund and choreographer Emma Nordanfors.

NEWS FOR USE vol.2 was artist Camilla Bachiry, artist Maria Diekmann, musician and philosopher Tobias Kirstein, art theorist Sidsel Nelund, film maker Ali Abbasi Moradi and choreographers Karina Dichov Lund, Klara Elenius and Emma Nordanfors

News for use was supported by the Danish Art Council and Københavns kommune.