The International Dance Day is celebrated on April 29th and since it was introduced in 1982 it has been an annual event celebrated all over the world. E.K.K.O contributed with an event at the Town Hall square in Copenhagen to celebrate the day in 2006. The idea was to expose dance to an audience that don’t usually seek out this art form.

For the occasion we reworked the performance ZOOM – the first production of E.K.K.O. ZOOM was an experiment in form and method.  A performance made as a collaborate choreography. A city collage – inspired by the passing moments you sense on your way through a city. For the International Dance Day the performance was placed in the environment that originally inspired the project.

As we wanted to present a broad range of what is going on in the modern dance scene in Copenhagen we invited other choreographers and dancers to come and show their work.

The following works were presented:

ZOOM (reworked edition)
Choreography: E.K.K.O
Karen Magrethe Aunsholt, Gabriella Grundemar and Camilla Skovgaard

Live music: Mark Solborg and Henriette Groth

Extract of the performance - Endnu ikke ukendt
Emma Nordanfors

Music: Stefan Thorsson
Dancers: Carolina Bäckman, Andrea Deres and Marianne Kjærsund

Extract of the performance - Engel
Poul Helmer Laursen

Dancers: Ellesiv Selseng Vestreim, Marie Schulz and Jonas Carlsson

Solo för 2
My Lindblad

Dancer: My Lindblad
LiveMusic: Eske Nørrelykke

The event was sponsored by The Danish Arts Council and The City of Copenhagen.