A performative installation by choreographer Emma Nordanfors, curator Louise Witthöft, artist Rodney LaTourelle, composer Stefan Thorsson and dancers Vera Priklonskaya and Nadya Khrenkova.

In a period of human history some characterize as ‘the end times’; when history is under continuous revision, the ‘future’ already come and gone, and for many, daily life is characterized by the perpetual present of the internet, the notion of ‘time’ is as contested as ever. Nevertheless, time, however misunderstood, is a fundamental part of existence. Body, earth, and star cycles structure our world, even as we check our phones for the hour and minute. And while we know that time is not only just an intellectual structure to sequence and compare events, how in fact do we really experience it? Although we may feel numerous kinds of time simultaneously, why is there the sense that we live in a continuous and yet irretrievable ‘now’. As Albert Einstein writes: is "the only reason for time so that everything doesn't happen at once?" Or does it prevent things from happening altogether? These are some of the questions that Who is Lou? poses.

In this performative installation, two performers move as if under the spell of Chronus, becoming rhythmic instruments expressing a variety of conditions and perceptions of time. The performers respond to a large wooden structure within the former factory space whose alien presence concentrates a ‘broken’ sense of passage. Meanwhile, a sequence of sounds emphasizes the already existing noises to be heard in the room.

Performed daily in a continuous cycle, each viewer will enter and exit the piece accordingly; the duration of the piece is for each person to decide. Members of the audience will have no fixed seating arrangement and are able to explore the space of the performance as it goes on, allowing a subjective engagement to determine the experience.

Who is Lou? is under the generous support of Nordic Culture Point, Projekt_Fabrika, Swedish Arts Grants Committee and The Danish Embassy in Moscow. The project exhibits and performs until October 30.

For mere information please visit www.projekfabrika.ru